Crunch Time

By Bruce H. Edwards
Updated: October 5, 2004

Michael Vick

Michael Vick

Despite the universal hating, Barry Bonds should once again be the National League MVP. Considering he played in only 146 games and walked 232 times, he still hit a league leading 362 with 45 home runs and 101 RBI’s. What more do they (the media) want? Barry will never be a minstrel, media darling or be everybody’s buddy…Never has and he never will. Deal with it.

Shaq and Kobe couldn’t do it by themselves last year so there’s no reason to think Shaq and Dwayne Wade will get it done this year. With the exception of Eddie Jones, Miami has a serious depth problem that can’t be fixed with Michael Doleac and Bimbo Coles. Meanwhile, Kobe and Lamar Odom will each have to play 48 minutes every game for the Lakers to even make believe they are competitive.

Hey Basketball junkies… between the WNBA finals, NBA pre-season games set to begin, and college teams start practicing October 15th (wink, wink) there is no excuse to continue watching two year old re-runs of Streetball.

Love watching Raider games and Redskin games on TV… Not because either team is so good, but because African Americans in Oakland and DC go out and show out for their teams… If the revolution breaks out on a fall Sunday afternoon I want to be in one of those two stadiums.

Black Box makes the right call for Willie Randolph to be the next manager of the New York Mets. I’m so tired of these coaches in Major League Baseball and in the NBA who have been around forever and keep getting recycled for a head job somewhere. For the most part all they’ve proven is that they haven’t won anything. Randolph is just what the Mets need… a winner.

Charlie Strong is the outstanding Defensive Coordinator at the University of Florida as he was at the University South Carolina… From the disturbing but not surprising rumor mill comes word that Strong is getting passed over for big time head coaching jobs because his very attractive wife does not look like his sister.

So what’s the name of the advertising award NIKE should win for the Michael Vick Experience commercial?

Bruce H. Edwards