Could UConn Be Better This Year?

By Richard Kent
Updated: October 14, 2004

Josh Boone

NEW HAVEN, CT. —UConn won a National Champioship last year and lost 2 players in the NBA draft.Not just your run of the mill late first rounders,but two players taken in the first three drafted.You remember Emeka Okafor and Ben Gordon.About 37 points and 15 rebounds.Gone.Along with star point Taliek Brown.

But the Huskies could actually better this year.In spite of the losses.They return a frontline that most NBA gm’s would drool about Josh Boone,Charlie Villaneuva and Georgia Tech transfer,Ed Nelson.Probably all future first rounders also for the Husky machine.Nelson was a former ACC rookie of the year,but he eschewed that league for the Big East and a shot at a National Championship iin Storrs.After all they have won two for head coach Jim Calhoun since 1999.Not bad for a sleepy college town like Storrs.
Boone may be the best of the bunch.The 6-10,230 pounder semed to emerge in the NCAA’s.And the sky is the limit for him.He had 63 blocks last year and you can double that figure this year with Okafor gone.He will be the defensive stopper.And that will really help when UConn plays Syracuse at least 3 times next season.Hakim Warrick is a warrior and Boone is the player who can stop him.Or at least he has the talent to do such.This could be his last year in Storrs if the huskies make a major NCAA run and the NBA comes running.With the plethora of NBA scouts who attend UConn games,Boone will have trouble hiding his talent from the real bigs.
UConn has all the ingredients for another run deep into March.Rashad Anderson can shoot it almost as well as Gordon and Rudy Gay may be the best frosh in the country.Calhoun is the best coach.Do you hear that Duke fans?
Pencil in UConn and UNC to meet for the National Championship.It could happen.